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Dave Mustaine, front man of the ’80s-spawned metal band Megadeth, spent a decade in Scottsdale before moving his family to his native San Diego. Despite making a move that many Arizonans would envy as temperatures rise, Mustaine says he occasionally longs for the desert. “I lived in Arizona for a very long time, and it always is very confusing for me spiritually coming back there because part of it is my home and always will be,” says Mustaine, who brings the third edition of his five-act Gigantour to Mesa on Thursday. Mustaine was a big Arizona Diamondbacks fan, playing golf with Randy Johnson, who can be spotted at metal and hard-rock shows. The guitarist-singer held season tickets for the Phoenix Coyotes, and his son, Justis, was hooked on hockey. “I love going back to ‘the Zone,’ but we don’t get there very often,” says Mustaine, whose family also includes his wife, Pam, and his daughter, Electra. (more…)

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Of all the parts of the day, waking up is the worst. Pulling your weary body from the comforts of sheets, pillows and fluffy stuff is serious business and leads most of us to groans, pains and overall discomfort. But fear not, Dave Mustaine is here to help. Yes, Dave Mustaine, the one-time Metallica shredder turned Megadeth’s carrot-topped front-man.

The thrash metaler has started Dave Mustaine’s Monthly Coffee Crew, an online shopping club that offers specialty brews “personally selected” by Mustaine himself. By becoming a member of “the Crew,” each month Mustaine-approved coffee is delivered straight to your doorstep, with the added bonus of “exclusive access to promotions, merchandise and personal correspondence available to Mustaine’s Coffee Crew only.” (more…)

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Dave Mustaine, Credit: Sanctuary Records

Q: Tell us about the injury you had that prevented you from performing.I had fallen asleep on my arm. It is just that simple. I wish I could tell you that I was sword fighting, or saving a baby from a burning building or something. You know, sometimes you are wearing shoes that are too tight or you are sitting the wrong way and your leg will fall asleep a little bit. That is what happened to my hand. The circulation was cut off to the nerve on the inside of my left bicep. When the nerve lost circulation, it shrunk like a crunched up straw. The nerve didn’t talk to the muscle and the muscle didn’t talk to the hand, and the muscle died. I couldn’t move my hand anymore. It took me four months to get the feeling back and another year of weight training just to get my hands operating properly. I had to do these wrist curls, and I wanted to use the same size weight on both arms because I didn’t want one arm to be bigger than the other. I was using the lighter dumbbell in the gym and they were pink. So I have all these meatheads walking by and I am sitting there, lifting pink dumbbells.



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“The world is full of critics. I mean, I don’t write music for you-I never have, and I never will. I write music for myself.”

By Jeff Kerby

Talk about polarization. When one discusses Dave Mustaine in the metal community, the opinions are hardly ever middle of the road—most headbangers either love him or hate him and there are probably several dozen reasons why. Most of these seem to stem from his days in Metallica, as it seems that from that point on, Mustaine has run the gamut (sometimes recklessly) between intelligent, engaging conversationalist and self-absorbed megalomaniac hell bent on self-promotion. In addition, his tendency towards profuse blogging and criticizing other individuals has caused many to wonder whether or not Dave truly believes the entire solar system revolves around him. Some might argue that this type of persona is exactly what’s required in order for someone to become big in the world of hard rock or metal, but for others, Mustaine will always be the loudmouth failure who couldn’t keep his spot in what may be the biggest rock band of this generation. (more…)

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