“One of these days I’m gonna put out an experimental album that’s gonna be so fucked up it will probably sell 10 copies, but I am gonna put it out.” – Kirk Hammett

4 Responses to “Kirk Quote on Solo Album”

  1. #1 Dylan Krise says:

    hey kirk if you put out that album i will buy and probably love it i love metallica and keep rockin hard. oh yeah i went and seen you guys when you were in cleveland you guys rocked that place it was amazing

  2. #2 makoy says:

    i have a lot of album,youre my idol kirk,,you rock so fuckinly amazing,,

  3. #3 makoy, says:

    im a filipino,,one of ure fuckin listenrs of metallicas fuckin cool muzic,i knw that youre a half filipino,,im wishing to see you in personal,,you rock it dude,,

  4. #4 harrison says:

    well, lulu

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