“There’s always a new generation more info

of angry young men who latch onto Kill ‘Em All.”

-James Hetfield

3 Responses to “Quote of the day: James Hetfield”

  1. #1 jake henderson says:

    So Fucking true

  2. #2 Eric Lawless says:

    Hah, yeah that’s a good statement and so true. Kill’em all, masters of puppets and the good old ones have always been my favs!!!

  3. #3 diy power says: says:

    In the realm of rock, Metallica has been considered as a household name. this band has been around during the times where rock flourished and they became instant stars in the rock music scene. Not only that they have had such a strong fan base that even up to this moment, they still have their loyal fans rooting for each and every kind of music they would make

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