Metallica have made another track from their forthcoming new album, ‘Death Magnetic’, available to listen to on the website.

‘Cyanide’, is also available to buy now on iTunes.

11 Responses to “Cyanide: New Metallica song available online”

  1. #1 Mr.Death says:

    The complete album has been leaked on the internet.

  2. #2 Aaron says:

    The entire album is online now… and people say the french are worthless.

  3. #3 dig says:

    im loving these fucking songs

  4. #4 TallicaFan5150 says:

    I got the album tonight….and out of respect for the band and their music. I’ve deleted all but four songs from my computer. The three we already had and unforgiven 3. All until sept 12th.

  5. #5 araya says:

    I love to see ya guys perform likely cliff burton era and I do believe this album fulfill it

  6. #6 misty says:

    i love metallica! one of my favorite bands ever! and i’m so excited to see you guys in concert… i’m really e

  7. #7 amy says:

    i saw metallica at leeds fest, was in sniffing distance of the band. awesome

  8. #8 cliff'em all says:

    Im old school metallica…saw them OPEN for Ozzy in the mid 80s and they made me believe in them again with this one…rock on ya old farts!

  9. #9 metalica rule.HAHA NOT!! says:

    I only came to look at this site coz a mate told me about the album cover so thought I would have a laugh!! Is that a hairy coffin shaped vagina? LOL!!! Im sure the music is just as funny!! Metalica just make me laugh!!!

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