Metallica have posted another song, “My Apocalypse,” from their upcoming album, “Death Magnetic,” online. Listen to it here.

This is a little more St. Anger, but in a good way.. Nice and fast with a little Slayer feel to it.

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  1. #1 fixxer says:

    James grunts, growls, and yeas. But he does not whine or sing like his nuts are tucked between his leggs like on st anger. Id compare it more to damage inc or dyers eve. Whatever you compare it to it fucking rocks. This just keeps getting better and better.

  2. #2 tbone says:

    I just wish this wasnt their last CD—-This is the best one yet….i hear it on Sirius radio—-love the new shit!!!!!!!!

  3. #3 SEIZE THE CARP!!! says:

    I love the new songs, but has anyone else noticed that “my apocolypse” has the same clipping problem that TDTNC? I really hope the new album is not this distorted. But either way the guys still rock!

  4. #4 fixxer says:

    It wont be this distorted i dont kno why there putting them out at such shitty tr right now.

    tbone where did you read this is there last album?

  5. #5 SEIZE THE CARP!!! says:

    yeah, i was wondering what he meant by that?

    That representative from MM said it was a problem that came from making the track from the master. Does that mean the master recording is messed up?

  6. #6 COUNT_IT says:

    If they had 26 songs and cut it down to 14 and then were forced to bring the list down to 11, and then had to cut one more so it fit on a single cd, that means there are at least 3 songs from the original 14 that are great and maybe another 10 and counting that with work would be great. Back with load and reload they started with 26 and used 14 for load. then in a year and half tuned up other 12 and put out reload real quick. im hoping that is the game plan this time!

  7. #7 corey l. says:

    It’s more like St. Anger??? WTF are you smoking dude? seriously?

  8. #8 fixxer says:

    Ive been thinking/hoping same thing last few weeks.

  9. #9 Justin says:

    I think TBone means it’s their last album with Warner Bros…

  10. #10 ? says:

    I like this song but where’s Robert? Needs more bottom end heavyness

  11. #11 Darren King says:

    What I like about this song is that it doesn’t really closely resemble anything else they’ve done. I don’t hear the 80’s albums (not closely anyway), nor do I hear St. Anger, nor the Load and Black album vibe. It does have a tinge of Slayer to it. Glad to hear that the guys are returning to their Metal roots without simply re-treading old ground.

  12. #12 Poldendrol says:

    I agree with Darren King, this song doesn’t sound like anything they’ve ever done

  13. #13 Dobs says:

    Finally a new Metallica album worth buying instead of that St Anger CRAP. I’ll be buying this one based solely on that song. Glad to hear some good metal come from these guys again.

  14. #14 matt says:


  15. #15 millionflame says:

    this song sounds really great!!! there is some justice feel in mixing and slayer feel in the later verse,but it is better than anything they did in last album,hope death magnetic will kick ass….

  16. #16 Rico! says:

    I’m feeling a “Master of Puppets” vibe. Finally, Metallica is back!

    Hey Lars! WTF is with that snare drum? Was Home Depot having a sale on paint buckets?

  17. #17 brian riffvest says:

    Awesome…simply awesome

  18. #18 Hatter says:

    I’m liking it……kind of a Puppets/Lightening feel. See you at the show!

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