Metallica have posted a stream of their new song ‘The Day That Never Comes’ from their upcoming album, Death Magnetic.

The song is of old metallica length at 7:56-minutes is also streaming on Metallica’s MySpace page (shouldn’t it be called a ‘TheirSpace’ page?) and is available for purchase on iTunes. A video for the track was filmed in the desert outside LA with director Thomas Vinterberg. Can’t wait to see that.


So is it a thumbs up? I think so…

47 Responses to “Metallica premiere new single from Death Magentic: The Day That Never Comes”

  1. #1 alan says:

    The Day That Never Comes…… IS a MASTERPICE!!!!!!!
    AWSOME!! and the solo at the end :S its INSANE!

    welcome back Metallica! kick some ass! cant wait for rest of your album 12 sep.

  2. #2 fixxer says:

    For about the first 25 seconds i was like what the fuck is this, not again!!!!!!!!!!
    The next 7 minutes and 56 seconds i was as excited as the day my first daughter was born. This FUCKING ROCKS come on sept 12.

  3. #3 Justin says:

    I agree with alan and fixxer…and kudos to James on the lyrics. So far I LOVE what I hear!!!!!

  4. #4 Rico! says:

    Death Magnetic? I think they spelled it wrong. It should be Dethmagnetic. It appears that Metallica has been watching a lot of Metalocalypse. Hopefully it influenced them musically.

  5. #5 Rico! says:

    …I’m not impressed. It was like sitting through a movie because there might be a good part coming up. I’m still waiting for the good parts. HEY, METALLICA! Bon Jovi and Sebastian Bach are waiting for you to join them in Nashville for your new career in country music!

  6. #6 nggakingat says:

    We’ve listened to ‘Cyanide’, we’ve listened to ‘The Day that Never Comes’, we’ve also heard and tasted some riffs. So far, in my opinion DM still very promising, compared to Load/Reload (don’t mention Anger). The sounds and vocals are similar to Load/Reload, the arrangements similar to Justice. The other tracks will be a bit more old-school than those two, I believe.

  7. #7 Pauldes says:

    This wasn’t quite what the press described it as, but it has a nice flavor, reminds me most of Sanitarium if i had to compare it to anything. The first half is comparable to anything off load, the second half is way more old school and thus BETTER :)

  8. #8 AlanW says:

    EET FUK all you Metallica haters. The boys are back

  9. #9 sardonia says:

    After listening to the first few minutes I thought that it was time to bury metallica once and for all. Then, you get to the second half of the song and it sounds like a most fantastic blend of all the tones of the albums up until Justice for All.

    Grade B+.

  10. #10 SEIZE THE CARP says:

    Holy shit Alan! Are we the only metallica fans that are not insatiable ass-holes!? Half these guys don’t even know a good metallica song when they hear it. Well, I decided that I’m going to follow the trend and spend my time on this site hating everything that metallica does. I hate metallica! They ruined my life! :( Boo-fucking-hoo!!!!

  11. #11 Creeping Death says:

    Sure you can judge a band by their previous work, but I mean c’mon – bands and GOOD bands at that evolve. They move on…grow…change their style. I love this song and I give immense credit to Metallica for continuing to make music that they enjoy making. It doesnt hurt that this song also kicks ass. Judge this album on its own artistic merit. Stop comparing it to the past! Why would we ever want Metallica to turn into a band like Slayer who has been writing the same tired song for 20 something years??

  12. #12 gayuh says:

    some riffs reminds me to anthrax’s style. this track is a good sign of the overall style & sound of the album. way to go, ‘tallica!!

  13. #13 fixxer says:

    Very well put Creeping Death!!!!

  14. #14 alan says:

    I say this is the best song since …And Justice For All!

    It could have been on that album if it had the same sound!!

    it fucking rocks!!!!!

  15. #15 diesel says:

    metallica s new song well its got some oldschool riffs thats sounds sweet but that st anger album steady snare drum kills the guitar riffs …fix the drums or get a sound check!

  16. #16 fixxer says:

    “Only thing IS that James needs to not sing in the style of Load-St.Anger and then switch to the snarl/growl and back again, doesn’t work well. Keep the snarl/growl and mix in attitude and we got a semi-classic/old school song.
    Plus they also need to put the music upfront and vocals as a layer like they old albums, not the other way around.”

    I stole this quote from some other thread here but he is right. Was it the drinking? If so maybe he should think about jumping the fuck off the wagon.;)

    Btw songs been out now for about 36 hours for me and ive listned to it over and over again (which really thrills my wife) and like it more and more each time. Sept 12 is never gonna arrive!!!!!!!

  17. #17 Rico! says:

    Hey Creeping Death. Like I said, Nashville is waiting for more “good bands that evolve”. Just ask Jon Bon Jovi. Maybe Metallica should tour WITH Bon Jovi! This idea leads to the obvious question…who would headline?

  18. #18 Rico! says:

    BTW, Seize the Crap, I know a good Metallica song when I hear one. The last one came out twenty years ago.

  19. #19 sYgnal says:

    “Why would we ever want Metallica to turn into a band like Slayer who has been writing the same tired song for 20 something years??”

    Uh… Hello, why fix something that isn’t broken?! SLAYER continues their legacy because that is who they are. They don’t need to follow the trends, or as you call it,Evolve..HA!! Evolving is for people who get lost & confused! SLAYER doesn’t need to change because they are damn good! Metallica became broken by Cliff’s death(RIP) & obvious band relationship/alcohol/drug issues. NOW, they have fought their way back through all that tragedy & realize that the supposed “Tired Song” is who they were as well. That you can progress a style without losing the pure f*cking aggressiveness & musicianship!. That you don’t have to be angry & tired on the inside to communicate anger & deep thoughts about the world around you. Now, they can focus on their instruments, song writing/structure & continue to release heavy material…AND, hopefully, return as the THRASH KINGS that we once loved!! Maybe a “Master of Puppets” PT.2 instead of furthering that horrible Unforgiven trilogy…

  20. #20 Hates Rico! says:

    hey, Do us all a favor, And go kill your self with that bon jovi (Flamer Music) by a train or something quick! These are Amazing songs, still you seem still stuck in the 80’s and Go fuck your self

  21. #21 Rico! says:

    You are a true fucktard! Have you ever wondered who produced the Black Album, douchebag? It was BOB ROCK, 80’s flamer music producer! I wouldn’t be surprised if Desmond Child had his pecker in the mix somewhere, too.

    …and the Dethmagnetic album cover looks like a vagina!

  22. #22 sYgnal says:

    @Rico!: LMAO!! The cover does look like a hairy f*cking vagina! WTF??

  23. #23 Wulvyn says:

    O my Fucking God…I just looked on sites to see what ‘tallica tickets are selling for because I would like to take my 15 year old to see the band that I’ve seen 8 times growing up. I remember when you could actually buy a fuckin ticket. So know these fucking companies buy out all the tickets to a show and sell them for $250 a piece. Fuck it…Metallica the fuckin napster crybaby bitches that I grew to idolize and memorize can suck my hairy 30+ nuts. I don’t care who says shit cause I was THE Metallica fan and now They are dead to me. Ya I’ll prolly borrow their cd from a friend to complete the collection but they will not ever get ANYTHING from me.

    Fuck it…I’m so pissed

  24. #24 fixxer says:

    im guessing neither one of you 2 have seen a vagina irl?

  25. #25 fixxer says:

    And holy fucking shit your right about tickets. I checked and for every show on the tour the lowest they start at is $130 and go up as high as $900 dollars. FUCK THAT. I just seen Bad Religion 2 months ago for $35 floor tickets for christs sake. This is first curve ball into “fuck yea metallicas back” now im not so sure im as excited as i was when “tomorrow” came out a few days ago. O well if theres one thing a “hardcore true metallica fan” knows, is how to deal with disapointment. lol

  26. #26 Rico! says:

    Metallica can charge that much for tickets because stupid preppie fucktards who like Metallica’s evolution will pay that much to see them. They’re like the Rolling Stones of our generation. Think about that correlation before you go off on a half cocked rant.

  27. #27 fixxer says:

    Holy shit new song is up at
    cant wait for this forum this fuckin rocks “my apoclypse”

    Best song since “dyers eve” on justice i love this one.

  28. #28 fixxer says:

    Even james has the locals sound ive been waiting for 19 years to hear.

  29. #29 fixxer says:

    fuck *vocals

  30. #30 20--cent says:

    Fuck****Fixxer go listen to your death metal—you obviovsly have no taste in music!!!! What a dip shit!!!Metallica is the best band ever vocal songs or insturmentals……they will never die!!!! long live Metallica.

  31. #31 fixxer says:

    You need to ease up on the bathtub crank cuz i think we agree, im not sure what got you so angry there.

  32. #32 SEIZE THE CARP says:

    I think Rico!, doesn’t really know what a vagina looks like cause he’s too busy fucking butts!

  33. #33 SEIZE THE CARP says:

    By the way, who’s the real fucktard? Someone who hangs out on a metallica site because they’re a fan, or the FUCKTARD who spends his time on a promotional website talking about vaginas, and how they hate metallica’s new shit!? GO FUCK YOURSELF IN THE EAR!!!!!!!

  34. #34 Rico! says:

    I never said I hated Metallica, you did, Seize The Crap. I Like Metallica, I just had different expectations. I do, however like “My Apocolypse”. THAT IS THE REAL METALLICA! Anyway, I’m done here with you ignorant, preppie fucks. I’ll be posting on the ‘Apocalypse’ commentary.

  35. #35 SEIZE THE CARP!!! says:

    It’s called sarcasm. maybe you can put that in your dictionary next to “fucktard”.

  36. #36 Joe says:

    Im sick of all you so-called Metallica fans burning them at every chance you get. Metallica are a real fucking heavy metal band who have evolved and changed and shaped over the years. And to date, they have not made a bad album – Load/Re-Load were not bad albums, but they were lesser albums by Metallica’s high standards. They were musically very decent albums, as for St. Anger, a musically sound album. Death Magnetic will be just as good, if not better than its preceeding albums.
    If you don’t like Metallica, or just want to moan about them cos they dont sound the same as they did in 1983, Fuck Off.
    Metallica are by far the best damn band ever, its about time all you “Metallica Fans” started to realise that.

  37. #37 rat man says:

    love the new song love the new song love the new song! hows that you bunch of winy bitches

  38. #38 araya says:

    This is awesome…old metallica arise

  39. #39 Jimmy Patterson says:

    Have you ever heard the saying, “If you dont have anything good to say then dont say anything at all”. If you dont like it, go the fuck away to your own music site.
    Metallica fucking “rocks”.

  40. #40 same crap new album says:

    Just like every album since load. It’s crap with a blend of shit. James just sounds like a woman on the rag. Unlike Load/Reload at least the guitar has balls. kirk, it’s good to hear the solos turned back up. Bob Rock should never work with metallica ever again. He made them into panzies!

  41. #41 jimmy says:

    these new songs will also be perfect to play on the new world tour game

  42. #42 teo says:

    you suckers…. metallica is back

  43. #43 teo says:

    shit jimmy patterso..go shit ur mama

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