Bob Rock in the studio with Lars UlrichLongtime webmaster and friend jpmaster77 just sent [in] some updated words from Bob Rock who he meet when standing in line to get a soda at the cinema. Bob Rock produced Metallica’s multiplatinum self-titled album known as The Black Album in 1991 and subsequent followups Load, ReLoad, Garage Inc, and S&M. Metallica once again used Rock to produce their 2003 album St. Anger. He also played bass guitar for the recording of St. Anger. He is also credited with writing several songs on the album and even played live with the band during this period before Robert Trujillo replaced him.

Here is the note from JP: Guys I just got back from the Grove (in LA) where I went to see Iron Man. As I’m standing in line to get my soda, Bob Rock gets into the line next to me and is talking on his cell phone, RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I kindly wait for him to finish his conversation before I freak out. Once he hangs up I tap on his shoulder and say “Bob Rock?”. He says “yes..” and then we shake hands as I say that I’m a huge Metallica fan and that I was listening to St. Anger in the car ride over. I ask him if he wouldn’t mind taking a picture with me, he agrees (twice – the first one was blurry).

Anyways, we start talking about the new album and I mention the latest news (Warner execs listening to song), and he says that he actually just spoke to Lars and that he’s heard 8 of the new songs and that they are: around 8 minutes long, have really long solos, and that the songs sound awesome and very old-school!! I ask him if we’ll hear some new songs during the upcoming summer tour, and he says that we should actually hear the first SINGLE in a matter of weeks!! (So we should definitely hear new material this summer). He says he spoke to Lars and the album will be finished in a month!

This is AWESOME news, this is all true. I’m NOT making this up. This actually happened to me tonight, and I’m still so excited about it. I met Bob Rock! He looks like a rock star in person :) So cool. Very nice. I hope you guys enjoy the news as much as I did. I still can’t believe this happened.

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  1. #1 Bobby says:

    dude i’d be fuckin psyched too! i just plastered my pants appon hearing the news of the released date for number 9 album. holy shit a fuckin month this is gunna be fucckin epic! this album is just going to blow peoples minds i know it…i can feel it. its old school….but with new inspiration…long solos…8 plus minutes….thats a metallicious concoction! BIRTH SCHOOL METALLICA DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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