56 Responses to “The ‘Other New Song’ From the New Album?”

  1. #1 Samboha and his gang says:

    They have totally lost the Metallica sound. I dont know where it is or where it went but I hope they can get it back some day. I think the vocals are what “f..K” it up the most. The second song gets O.K towards the middle but is quickly goes to crap soon after. Shouting random crap into the mic doesnt make for much of a song. Thats what rappers do. The last good metallica song released was “Fuel”. I use St. Anger as a Coaster for my coffee cup. What a turd that was. The drums sound like bongos. Way too much ring. Sounds bush league.

  2. #2 tranbert2503 says:

    Bad song, is like blink 182 beaurkh….. no riffs in this song….

  3. #3 Joetallica says:

    Message to all people who claim to love Metallica, yet still bury almost all their albums except Kill ’em All and Ride the Lightning: Fuck you.
    Go listen to My Chemical Romance
    Go listen to Kiss
    Go listen to Rage against the Machine
    Cos Metallica doesnt fucking need you. There are millions of loyal Metallica fans who love them.
    Fuck you all. Metallica are the greatest band of all time, no questions.

  4. #4 musiclover says:

    you guys always seem to be thrashing on st. anger and the new songs. well u all dont catch the consept of them. u all just want head banging old shit. yes it was the best they ever had. and prabably will never change tht. but they always put on a show even if its with the old songs or the new. metallica is the best theres ever been and always will be. so fuck off if u dont like it. metallica is here to stay fuckers.

  5. #5 Amir Thompson says:

    The track reminds me of another song that I really enjoyed hearing . I can’t quite recall which one is it :-/ does anyone know which track I’m talking about?

  6. #6 GILBEAU says:

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