89 Responses to “The ‘New Song’ From The New Metallica Album?”

  1. #1 flesheatingbull says:

    it’s alright. i wish they turned the bass up a little louder in their songs tho.

  2. #2 Mr. Hankey says:

    If only they could do a song that kicks as much ass as “Harvester Of Sorrow”!!!! When “And Justice For All…” came out that was when really Bad Ass car stereos were starting to catch on in my home town. Harvester was one of THE SONGS (that and “Frayed Ends of Sanity”) you could just blast and no one would get pissed. I miss those MetallicA songs that just blast you away.
    St. Anger was alright, but where oh where did my ‘tallica go?

  3. #3 Sveniusmoose says:

    hmm, compare that with this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=jhs2vg7jILU ,

    Machine head realized something was amiss after releasing some big baskets of audioshat and churned out some awesome albums of late, you Metallica boys should be sat up and taking notes. I’d just like to add that i don’t consider myself anti ‘Tallica these days, but this disappoints me everytime, it’s like watching England drop out of the world cup time after time. Wheres the kicking of ass? Isn’t that what Metal is all about, the name metallica suggests ass kicking and 16 year old garage bands make the metallica of now look like pretty lame.

    That is all


  4. #4 Stevie Schonberg says:

    C’mon guys! You can do a LOT better..especially you James, if you are the so-called leader, be one! Seems you are too much of a follower of musical trends these days…Remember when YOU were the trendsetter ? Get back to that, alright?

  5. #5 You says:

    down tune?? sucksss ..!!

  6. #6 Demos lucky7 says:

    I am looking forward to the new album and hopefully they will tour the u.k. Would be great if they play Wembley Stadium. The new song is o.k. will have to get use to it. But Metallica live are still rocking so lets give the new stuff a chance. Obviously it will take at least 5 or 6 good tracks to compete with past albums. :O>

  7. #7 rjsoderlund says:

    Metallica will never be what they were when Cliff was alive, and there’s nothing wrong with that. James can sing a hell of a lot better since the black album. Everyone can hear the difference between pre and post 1991. James voice improved, but they lost some of their originality. I think the alcohol and freedom they had before they were superstars created better songs. Bob Rock changed them into a radio / studio band, and turned them into the 90’s band that lost a lot of die hard old-school fans.

    My brother is WAYY more of a die hard metallica fan than I am, and he loves St. Anger. Personally, I think it had it’s moments, I prefer the new drum style. The lyrics suck and in my opinion, were the downfall of the album. Release St. Anger as an instrumental and I’ll buy it.

    When you listen to “For Whom the Bell Tolls” you can feel the energy. When you listen to “One” you can feel the emotion, and be blown away buy the talent behind every instrument. When I listen to St. Anger, the energy isn’t there to me. With this new song, I don’t feel it either.

    The first time I heard “Fuel” I thought Metallica was back. I liked ReLoad better than Load, but you saw a glimpse of the past when they put out Garage Inc, and they proved that they could still play with the same fire they used to have, now they just need to write like they used to.

    Bottom line, Metallica has changed, if you prefer Puppets, then put it in your ipod, stfu, and accept the fact that Metallica is a different band now. You can thank, or curse, Bob Rock for that.

  8. #8 rjsoderlund says:

    Ohh yeah, and, to you people like Metal Hater who have nothing to say other than “Metallica Sucks,” how did you find this thread? Shouldn’t you be watching american idol?

    It seems to be the new trend, Metallica Sucks, You know what, this isn’t a place to vote, it’s not check yes or no, try expressing your opinion with a little bit of intellect. These people seem like lemmings to me, don’t they to you? They all follow each other off the cliff, and none of them stop to think about it first. They should all get in their BMW’s that their daddies bought them for barely receiving their high school diploma’s, and follow each other off a cliff.

    I think Dennis Leary put it best when he said “Make sure you get your ENTIRE head in front of the shotgun, THANK YOU FOR CALLING!”

  9. #9 danaidh says:


  10. #10 metalhead41 says:

    i Personaly prefre the early stuff but rember tht times change and in order to sell the have to change style some wht its not thrash at its finest but its still good

  11. #11 Demos lucky7 says:

    Just bought Kerrang mag and Remember Tomorrow is the only Metallica song on the tribute disc. I have listened to the track a number of times and it is now embedded in my mind. Bring on the album and the tour.:O))) Rock on Metallica

  12. #12 high 4 life says:

    all I know is I will not pay for the album! smoke weed every day!

  13. #13 Dotsy says:

    Not sure where you folks are from, or what ages you are….but there’s some shite being spoken. I can’t understand the hard core Metallica fans saying St Anger is shite……lads – sit and watch the DVD…..it’s something completely different to what they’ve done in their previous 3 albums – I think it’s fantastic. I’ve been a fan since first hearing Kill ’em all in 1985. I saw them (with Stiff Cliff) in Sept 1986 in Dublin, shortly before Cliff’s untimely death. I’m sick of listening to “new” fans spout on crap about St Anger etc – the hard core fans must appreciate that album. It’s rough, raw, loud, fast, aggressive….all the things the early stuff was…but no solos!!! Hammet wrote a solo for every song…and they decided to leave them out – how brave is that!!! Hope new album is as good as St Anger…..but without the tight snare sound, and with solos!!!!

  14. #14 MetaL Neggher says:


  15. #15 Wiplash says:

    The song is very St. Anger-ish (my least favorite album of theirs). It is nice to hear Kirk pullin some solo action. That is what I missed most on St. Anger.

  16. #16 Spelling Nazi says:

    @KillSwitch Post No. 11

    you wrote:

    “Seriously, quit the bitching and moaning. We’ll probably never experience old school Metallica again. Lets live with it, and hope the album turns out good.

    And learn to fucking spell. Sheesh, you would think your fucking four”

    My response:

    You should really learn how to learn correct word usage before you go out and start criticizing others. I think you mean to say, YOU WOULD THINK YOU ARE FUCKING FOUR and not “your fucking four”.

    Big difference between your and you’re *or you are*.

    Spelling Nazi

  17. #17 allan says:

    you all need to quit bitching because if you don’t like it then don’t listen to it!i been a metallica fan since the dawn of my time there the frist band i remember that i ever heard and yes i was disapointed in st. anger but i lke it a little. its not as good as the frist few but i think there all good some alot better then others.most bands frist albums are better then there later stuff.it’s not like some one asking you to buy it

  18. #18 elijah says:

    that new album will kickass to bad they didnt give u all the song but thoughs to songs where fuking awsme i gust cant what black album was and justicefor all kick ass metallica go getom

  19. #19 asskicker says:

    yo metallica i was so cool im so clad that u guys are back that is fucking cool i wish i was at the tour in california you guyes rock dont go apart aging go kick ass on that new album

  20. #20 fixxer says:

    So this song IS on the new album, go to http://www.metallica.com “a little taste of death” those clips sure sound like this.

  21. #21 d says:

    i think kirk just don’t have the voice anymore. band sounds great but lyrics are not there anymore

  22. #22 Opra singer says:

    This sounds like James trying to imitate James. Almost like some karaoke dude. Nonetheless I love James and Metallica. Long live Clive! Ok im gonna smoke a joint and put on MOP for the 1234 time. I still have the cassette tape lol, a little worn. But kept down in my moms basement so it lasts.

  23. #23 Matthew Tyler Van Dyke says:

    was up kirk lars and james u guys r fuckin awesome and i love ur songs to and also i have every single one of ur guyses album yea u guys rock

  24. #24 Matthew Tyler Van Dyke says:

    was up kirk lars and james u guys r fuckin awesome and i love ur songs to and also i have every single one of ur guyses album yea u guys rock and if u guys want to see me and my family im live in burns, oregon 630 south kearney

  25. #25 pothead says:

    metallica hasnt been back since black album

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  27. #27 kate gold says:

    i din’d hear the song yet but i know every metallica song made by them or not are great metal song man. i loved all their albums and i began listening to them since 1995..i their true biggest fan.. huhaaaaa..METALLICA RULEZZZZ…

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